Sunday, February 6, 2011

Better Bass On Your iPod

The iPod has an equalizer setting called Bass Boost.  However, for most modern songs this setting will cause a buzzy sound during bass-heavy sections.  As I understand it this is because most modern music is recorded very loud and the iPod doesn’t have the power to add the needed decibels.  One suggestion I read was to use iTunes to reduce the volume of all your modern music.  Rather time consuming.

The solution I’ve found is to go the other way – enable the Treble Reducer EQ setting and turn your music up.  This works best if you use headphones that produce really good bass.  I use and highly recommend the Klipsch Image S4 headphones.  With these headphones I’ve found the default sound setting has great bass but too much treble at higher volumes.  Reduce the treble and you’re golden.  The iPod doesn’t struggle to remove decibels.

(English is such a screwy language.  Every time I wrote the word bass I thought it was a type-o and that it looked like I was talking about fish.  We should standardize on “base” to mean low frequency sounds and the thing I’m in killin ur d00dz.  Leave the word that doesn’t end in e and has repeated consonants to be pronounced with a short and to refer to fish.)

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